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Widespread in the modern world, allergies and food intolerances can have a great impact on your life. At Wigston Sports & Health Clinic we use the Mora RM10 S Bio-electronic Regulatory Allergy Testing Equipment, so no needles and no blood is taken! Allergy testing cannot be performed on anyone with epilepsy, a pacemaker, or heart conditions.

Our allergy, food intolerance and deficiency testing includes

We'll take good care of your health

•  1 item check (for example wheat, dairy or animal fur)

•  Allergens, Dust & pollen, Hairs & epithelials, Moulds & bacteria testing

•  Vitamin & Mineral deficiency check

•  Our most popular test; The 100 foods, additives, and free candida test

•  Dust mite, house dust mite,

•  A full allergy test (all the above)

Whether you need mineral deficiency testing, want to take the 100 foods test or just want to check if you're dairy or wheat intolerant, due to bloating, I.B.S etc we'll help you improve your health today.


Feet giving you trouble? If you don't have a sports injury, you may need a biomechanics examination or a foot health assessment - call us for advice.

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allergy testing

“I have known Sue for over two and a half years and she delivers an excellent service.”

- Prescilla Manchu, Beauty Therapist Ragdale Hall

Check if you have vitamin deficiency today.

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